Wilderness Encounter

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Alex Schultz

The University of Nebraska at Omaha began its transition into division I almost five-years-ago. Every senior Athlete that is graduating this spring  had to sacrifice their desire to win a championship for their greater desire to build a championship ready team and program. That is exactly what Alex Schultz has done. He has been a leader […]

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News Before and After Social Media

Investigating and reporting news: Coverage before social media: JFK was assassinated in Texas and it interrupted a soap opera on television. 40th anniversary of all the president’s men is today. The movie is about the Watergate scandal. Imagine if we had social media during times like Watergate or the assassination of JFK. The Iran hostage […]

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Link And Logs

How to use links- Links are common. Links help tell you story and help listeners to know more about your topic. Curations is the gathering of information online. Drudge report curate’s online things but does not create anything originally. Pinterest does the same thing. They make their money on advertisement by showing the best that’s […]

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Alyssa Thavanet

Holt: Being a cross country athlete is physically and mentally demanding. Being a track and field runner is even more. However, UNO’s Alyssa Thavanet does both. During season, staying in shape is very time consuming which makes excelling in school even more difficult. Thavanet: “So we have lifting at six in the morning and that goes […]

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